Review | Bobbi Brown Corrector


The Bobbi Brown corrector is used for neutralizing dark undereye circles.
On the Bobbi Brown website it says that it brightens and covers discoloration, it’s long wearing, creamy and easy to blend.
It also claims that it won’t crease, is waterproff and sweat and humidity-resistant.

So, I’ve been using this product for about 6 months and I find that it applies best if you use a small concealer brush to apply the product and then blend it in with your fingers.
I would also recommend that you let it sit for a minute before you apply your concealer on top, because sometimes I find that the color of the corrector and the concealer kind of mixes together, and that can make some of your discoloration show through after all.

However it does stay on all day without fading or looking cakey, and I haven’t had any issues with creasing while wearing it, but that may depend on what concealer you use on top of it, and if you set it with a powder or not. And I can’t really say anything about it being waterproof, but I can say that it’s water, sweat and humidity-resistant.

So overall I do think it holds up to the claims, and it is  a good product, but for me it doesn’t cover my dark circles completly, however it does make them a lot less noticable.

I got mine from Kicks for 245nok.
And it’s available in 16 pink and peach based shades.

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