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On the makeupgeek website it says that these are highly-pigmented eyeshadows that cost half the price of high end shadows, without sacrificing the quality.
These are also cruelty-free, talc and paraben-free.
(The foiled eyeshadows are a hybrid between powder and cream).

These shadows are my absolute favorite.
They’re really smooth, and have a creamy feeling to them, and they stay on all day without creasing.
However, if you have oily lids, you might wanna use a primer underneath, especially with the foiled formula, but on normal eyelids I don’t find that to be necessary.
These shadows are also really easy to work with, they’re easy to blend, they’re high on pigmentation  and I haven’t had any fallout with these at all.
And the color selection is huge, so you have a lot to choose from.

So overall I highly, highly recommend them!

I got mine from
And the price on these are 6$ for the regular eyeshadows, and 9.99$ for the foiled ones.

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