Review | Smashbox Primer Water

20151202_073807_HDRReading of the Smashbox website it says that this is silicone-free, alcohol-free and oil-free. It’s also packed with revitalizing electrolytes to wake up skin and restore moisture—like a supercharged energy drink for your skin. It also says that this enriched water instantly absorbs into skin for lasting hydration.

So this is supposed to be a 3-in-1 multitasking water that you can use as a primer, a setting spray and to refresh your makeup (or just your naked face) throughout the day.

Well, most of the time, I don’t believe in multitasking products, because I find that they only do a half decent job on whatver they’re supposed to do, in stead of doing one thing really good.

But I have to say that I find this to do a good job with whatever I choose to use it for, and that, even though it’s “just a water” it does a good job of priming my skin, and keeping my skin looking hydrated all day, without looking oily.

I would also recommend that you use a regular primer with it if you have large pores, or fine lines that you want to smooth out.

I got mine from Kicks for 275nok.


Categories: Makeup


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