Review | Skindinavia Primer & Setting Sprays.


First of all I want to talk about the primer sprays.

You get two options with these.

Either the original one that claims to virtually give you a poreless, more even-toned complexion over time. Or the oil-controlling one that claims to slow down oil production and promises a prettier skin over time.

I don’t know about those “making-your-skin-look-better-over-time” claims, or the poreless complexion claims, but if you combine them with a porefilling primer, like the benefit porefessional, or the smashbox pore minimizing primer, these does work pretty well.

For this time of year, I don’t like the oil-controlling one as much, because it does get a little too drying for me, but it does slow down my oil production quite well, so I think this would be a prefect primer for the spring and summer months, or if you have very oily skin you could use it all year around.

As for the original primer spray, it does remind me a lot of the Smashbox Primer Water, so If you already own that, I don’t think you would need this one, but if not I would give it a go.

It does feel really cooling and refreshing, and it does help my makeup go on nicely, so check it out if you’re into the whole primer spray/water idea.

Now, let’s talk about the setting sprays.

I have tried all of these, and their all equally as good for it’s own purpose.


The original one claims to be clinically-proven to keep colors vibrant and make creasing concealer and faded foundation a thing of the past.

I haven’t used this one on it’s own, but I keep the sample size bottle in my purse so I can use it to refresh my makeup throughout the day, and I love it for that.

Of course you could use it to set your makeup once you’re done applying it, but I just find that it works best for me to apply it after I’ve touched up with powder after a few hours of makeup wear time, to take away that powdery-look we can get.

Then there’s the Bridal one.


This claims to be kiss-proof, cry-proof and sweat-proof, and it’s specially designed to resist the effects of excess moisture and helps keep makeup looking flawless. And it’s recommended for all skin types.

This is the one I’ve used the most, and I have to say that this holds up to it’s claims quite well. Not 100%, but it’s not far away.

Now, this is first and foremost designed to be used for brides, or other special occasions, but of course you can use it as you like.

To me, this gives kind of a dewy finish, so if you’re oily or combination you may wanna keep some blotting papers or a touch up powder with you, but this is a beautiful setting spray, and I do really love it.

Last, but not least is the oil-controlling one.


On the Skindinavia website it says that this award-winning oil-control finishing spray gives you a beautiful soft-matte finish, while keeping your skin sheen-free and your makeup perfectly in place.

This I have to say is my favourite one out of the bunch.

This takes away that powdery look I sometimes get (as they all do), and it helps me controll my oils throughout the day, so I don’t have to touch up as much when I use this as my setting spray.

It also gives a beautiful soft-matte finish as it claims, but my oils does show through after about 2-4 hours, however it does slow it down alot, so even though I get a bit dewy throughout the day, I don’t look greasy or oily, if that makes sence?

All of these are oil-free, paraben-free and claims to last up to 16 hours.

And they all have a very fine mist.

You can buy them on

Primer sprays: 4oz – 35$ , 8oz – 49$

Setting sprays: 4oz – 29$ , 8oz – 39$


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