Review | NEW Ciatè Patent Pout Lip Laquer


This claim to be a long lasting, color-rich lip lacquer that combines the ease of a gloss with the look of a high-shine lipstick.

Patent Pout combines uber-pigmented lip color with an extremely glossy finish. The ProPolish lightweight formula features naturally-occurring tripeptides, which help to accentuate the lips and create a smoothing and moisturising veil of traffic-stopping color.

These are formulated without parabens, sulfates and phtalates.

edit 2

(Swatches L-R: Canoodle, Bombshell. They are a bit deeper than shown in the picture)

So, I’m having some mixed feelings about these, because the two shades I have perform very different from each other.

The pink shade (Canoodle) is the shade that I wanted the most, but I am very disappointed with this, because, first of all it’s packed with tiny, tiny gold glitter, which makes it very metallic. And it goes on so patchy, and so streaky that I just can’t wear it. I’ve tried it alone and on top of a lipliner, but it just won’t look good.

It also starts to separate in the middle, inner part of my lip immediately after I’ve applied it. Also, it clings on to every bit of dryness on my lips and it settles in to my liplines, even though I exfoliate my lips.

Now, I don’t know if all of the light shades are like this one, or if I got a bad one, but I can’t recommend them at all.

The red shade (Bombshell) is very different.

It’s easy to apply, it applies evenly, and it’s highly pigmented, so you don’t need to go over it two times. It’s almost like they have a different formula or something, and this does not have any glitter, so that may have something to do with. However, like most reds this does bleed a little. Nothing too bad, but I would use a lipliner to make sure.

Also, the red shade does stay on through eating and drinking quite well. It loses some of its shine, but there’s still some shine and a lot of pigment left.

So if you’re interested in these, I would go for the darker shades and skip the nudes/lighter ones.

Other than that they are both very comfortable to wear, a little bit tacky and they do have a little bit of a tingling sensation to them, but nothing you’ll notice too much.

I got mine from Kicks for 230nok (a piece)

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