Review | NEW Smashbox L.A Lights Blush & Highlight Palette

B&H palette

This is what it says on the Smashbox website:
Getting a fresh, youthful flush for any occasion just got a lot more low maintenance. We partnered two carefully curated, tonal shades of blush with their perfectly matched highlighter—so you’ll never have to worry about shades clashing again.
Two shades mean you can turn up your rosiness from subtle to dramatic to match any look, occasion or season.
These also claim to be long-wearing, richly pigmented blush shades, and they are supposed to stay true to color all day – no streaking or fading.


(Swatches Top-Bottom: Rich Pink, True Pink, Highlight Pink)

So, my immediate thought when I first tried this was that it was way too pigmented for a blush, and I wasn’t expecting them to be that pigmented, but they are.
Now, I do think that these are very beautiful blushes, but you do have to use a very (!) light hand with these, because they will make you look like a clown in no time (trust me, I’ve been there).
But if you use them sparlingly they do look very beautiful on the skin! They are also easy to blend and they do stay true to color all day, so I do think that they hold up the claims.

Now, I also think that every shade in here pairs beautifully together, and you could mix-and-match them to get the color you want, but I do not think that the highlight shade in here really can be used as a highlighter.
Maybe on deeper skintones, but for me it is more of a blush-topper, I could even use it as a blush on it’s own, so that’s something to keep in mind.

I also have to mention that these are, at least to me, very bright shades. You could tone them down, but if you’re more into very subtle blushes, these may not be what you’re looking for.
But I really don’t have anything bad to say about this palette, so if you’re into ‘bright’ pink blushes I would recommend getting this (they do also have other palettes with different colors), but if you are very heavy handed when you apply blush these may not be for you.

I got mine from Kicks for 280nok in the shade “Pacific Coast Pink”.

Categories: Makeup


  1. Gorgeous shades! When I have really bright blushes like that I use a duo fibre brush to apply it. Then, it goes on much lighter and blends like a dream on the skin. I never put on too much that way. Have you tried that? I hope that was helpful. Maybe you already knew that. I’d mix the highlight shade in with the other ones to get a glow. Like you said as a topper. With a duo fibre brush it will blend out and not add too much at the same time. Give it a go. Such a beautiful palette!!


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