Favorites | Top 5 July 2016


These are my top 5 products for July.
As usual, full reviews will be linked at the end of the post on the items I have reviewed previously.


So my first favorite of the month has to be the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water.
This BB water/foundation is so lightweight on the skin, but it does actually cover my imperfections perfectly, which surprised me quite a bit, because I didn’t expect it to do anything other than even out my skin a bit.
And I honestly don’t know why I haven’t heard people raving about this more than I have, because it is so good.
And it also lasts on my skin all day, even in my t-zone where I tend to get quite oily.
I will say though, that you do need to set this with a powder if you have oily skin, but other than that I think this will work for everybody.


For my eyes this month I’ve been loving the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette.
This is so beautiful and you can get so many looks with this, no matter if you’re more like me that prefers a more natural look, or if you prefer bolder looks.
The only thing that’s been bothering me lately is that I wish there was a shade in between ‘Tempera’ and ‘Golden Ochre’, because ‘Tempera’ is a bit too light for me to use all over my lid when I’m tan, and ‘Golden Ochre’ doesn’t show up when I’m tan, so that’s something to keep in mind, but of course you could also mix those two together if you have the same issues I have.
But other than me being picky, I don’t have anything negative to say about this.


Now, when it comes to my eyelashes I’ve been more and more into mascaras that only enhances my natural lashes, and I’ve been steering clear of the more voluminous mascaras that most people are into, so this month I’ve only been reaching for the Sensai Mascara 38°C, and this is only designed to lengthen your lashes, and it doesn’t provide any volume, but that’s the reason I love it.
However, if you have short, straight lashes I don’t think this is for you at all, unless you want to use it as a lash primer (which works very nicely), but I am fortunate enough to have very long, full lashes to begin with, and I do think that that makes a difference in how you feel about this product.


For my brows I’ve been using the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil.
Now, I do really like it for filling in my brows, and it’s very very easy to blend out, but I do find that it’s a bit hard to use on the outer tail of the brow, since it is more of a ‘diamond’ shape, and not a slim pencil.
But other than that I haven’t had any issues with this fading, or moving around, so if you haven’t tried it, and you’re looking for some new brow products, I do think it’s worth a try.


And my last favorite of the month is the St. Tropez Self Tanner in Dark.
So I know that everyone is raving about the Loving Tan self tanner, but because of where I live it gets a bit too expencive for my taste, so I’ve been going for this one instead.
Now, this lasts for at least 5 days to a week before it starts to rub off, and it doesn’t really get that patchy (other than in the ares where my clothing and such is rubbing on my skin like the crease of my arm, my feet etc).
But I also really like the color it gives, because it does look so natural and healthy, and it’s not so dark that it’s too obvious.
And they do also have a lighter shade if you don’t want to go too dark right away.


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