Review | NEW Limited Edition bareMinerals Glow Together Palette


This is what it says on the bareMinerals website:
What’s the secret to a naturally luminous complexion? This dimensional face powder trio made up of two of our best bronzers and mattifying blush. Formulated to instantly vanish on all skin tones, giving you a fresh-not-flat look, buff on the oil absorbing matte, and layer on the glow for an effortless touch of highlight.
This Palette Collection Includes:
Gilded Glow (light gold shimmer)
Rose Matte (rose matte)
Amber Glow (light bronze shimmer)


So, bareMinerals just came out with this blush, bronzer and highlight trio, I believe for the holidays, and I do really like those “all-in-one” kind of palettes, so I wanted to give this a go and see if it’s worth it or not.

Now, when it comes to these powders I do find that there are some differences in the way they perform, especially when it comes to the highlighter.
This is just way too hard to work with, and you do have to work quite a bit to get any sort of payoff from this unless you’re using your finger, but I don’t really think that any of us does that with a powder highlight. And it does also look very glittery on the skin, so if you prefer more of a sheen rather than just glitter, I don’t think you’ll like this at all.

When it comes to the bronzer and the blush I find that these are alot easier to work with, and they’re both quite easy to apply and blend out, so you do get a lot of controll when it comes to color payoff, and that’s something I can appreciate with these type of products.
However, if you don’t like a glowy bronzer this won’t be for you, so that is something to keep in mind if you’re interested in buying this palette.

Now, as far as staying power goes I find that they all stay on for between 6-7 hours before they start to fade, and they do fade very evenly, so you don’t end up looking patchy with these, but I did also notice that the blush faded a little bit more than the bronzer and the highlight, so you might wanna touch it up at some point if you’re planning on wearing it for more than 6,5 hours.

Lastly I wanted to mention that the pans can be a bit ‘awkward’ when you try to dip your brush in them, especially if you’re using bigger brushes, because the pans are a bit smaller than I would like, so it can be a bit difficult to get the product evenly on to the bristles.

So, overall I think that it’s an ok palette, but I don’t think it’s something you have to run out and buy, so it mostly depends on your personal preferences.

I got mine from Eleven for 366nok.

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