Favorites | Top 5 November 2016


So it’s time for favorites again, and as usual I will have link to full reviews at the end of the post if I’ve done them previously.


First I wanted to quickly talk about this body cream from Rituals.
This is the first body cream that I’ve tried that actually sinks in to the skin quickly, unlike other creams/lotions that just sits on top of the skin for hours.
Now, I will say that I’m not the best when it comes to using body creams, but when I do, this is the only one I’ll reach for.


Next up I have this Essie Nailpolish in the shade Angora Cardi.
Now, I can’t say that I find this nailpolish to be anything extraordinary in terms of how long it lasts on the nails or how fast it chips, because I think that Essie polishes are like every other polish I’ve tried, but I really really love this shade.
It’s the perfect rusty-brownish-red shade for fall, and it’s the only shade I’ve been wearing throughout the month when I’ve been wearing nailpolish.


My next favorite is the MAC Pro Longwear concealer.
This has been a cult favorite for ever, but I never really got the hype, but this month it’s the only concealer I’ve been using, so it’s doing something right.
The reason I haven’t really gotten the hype before is because it doesn’t cover my dark circles on it’s own, but since every brand out there provides color correctors now, it’s been working out great for me.


Speaking of color correting, my next favorite is the Smashbox Color Correcting Stick.
I’ve got mine in the “Look Less Tires – Dark” shade, and I really enjoy using it.
It’s just so easy and convenient to use because it does come in a pencil form, but it’s also very creamy and easy to both blend out and build up, so I really like this one.


My last favorite this month is the bareMinerals Glow Together palette, more spesifically the blush. (And the bronzer, but mostly the blush).
The blush in this palette is just the perfect color for a natural flush, and I do love subtle blushes.
The same goes for the bronzer, it’s not so strong that it’s so obvious, but it does make you look healthy and fresh, and I do enjoy using them.
The highlighter in this palette I don’t like at all, that’s why I spesifically mention the blush and bronzer, because those two are very beautiful and easy to work with, while the highlighter doesn’t really do much for me.

So, those are my favorite products of the month. Please let me know what you’ve been enjoying in the comments below.

bareMinerals Glow Together Palette: https://februaryglow.wordpress.com/2016/11/09/review-new-limited-edition-bareminerals-glow-together-palette/

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