Review | NYX Slim Lip Pencils


This is what it says on the NYX website:
Slim, trim, but never prim our lip pencils come in a variety of dashing shades – from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding.


So, I do really enjoy using lip liners, but I don’t necessarily want to pay a lot for them, so I figured I’d try out these NYX Slim Lip Pencils, since they are so inexpencive. And I do like them so far.

Now, first of all I will say that I am pleasantly surprised with the way they apply, because they are quite smooth in application, and I did expect them to be a lot harder/dryer to apply since they are wooden pencils.
I also think that these are very rich in pigment, but they are also a bit uneven (at least the darker shades), so I would recommend wearing these underneath a lipstick or a lipgloss, and not on their own, like I somethimes like to do.

Now, when it comes to the long-wearing claim, I’m not so sure that I agree.
What I mean by that is that yes, they are long-wearing, but they do also fade quite a bit when I drink or eat, and since we all drink and eat, I would say that these last, but they’re not as long-wearing as I would’ve hoped.
But on the bright side, these do fade very very evenly, so over all I can’t really complain either way.

Other than that I find that these are very lightveight on the lips, and I don’t find them to be very drying either, so I would recommend these if you’re looking for decent, inexpencive lip liners.

I got mine from Kicks for 35nok a piece.

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