Review | Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation


This is what it says on the Lancome website:
An oil-free, up to 24-hour long wear foundation that delivers medium-to-full coverage and leaves a natural-looking, velvety matte finish.
For those long days, the full coverage, comfortable long wear you need. Not thick or greasy, this foundation’s innovative long-wear formula gives all skin tones a flawless, complexion-perfecting coverage. Redness, pores and imperfections visibly disappear, evening the skin tone and leaving a mattified yet natural result. Formulated with color-true NAI pigments, it maintains your skin’s pH level so that color stays put all day long— which means retouch-free and transfer-resistant coverage. Plus, it’s infused with perlite and silica, absorbing oil for a shine-free wear.

Research Results:
In an independent consumer study after 1 week:
– 100% thought the product evened their skin tone
– 98% agreed that the color stayed true throughout the day
– 95% thought the product left their skin feeling soft all day
– 93% said the product felt comfortable on their skin all day long
– 93% said the product gave them a natural result
– 91% thought the product felt lightweight on their skin
– 87% said the product gave a perfected, flawless complexion

So, I’ve recently been seeing this foundation all over the internett, and since I recently ran out of one of my foundations I figured I’d give this one a go, and I do like it so far.

Now, this does claim to be a medium-to-full coverage, matte finish foundation, and I do not agree with that at all, to be completly honest. Because , to me, this is a light-to-medium buildable coverage with a natural finish. But I don’t necessarily think that that’s a bad thing either, because I do like a customizable foundation in terms of coverage, especially now that we’re going into the warmer spring and summer months.
And this is very easy to build up, and it doesn’t really get cakey, which I appreciate in any foundation.
However, since this isn’t really a matte foundation on my skin, it does get a bit shiny in my t-zone and it does fade a little on the sides of my nose after around 4hours, and even though it’s easy to touch up, it does kinda look a bit cakey when it fades, but that might as well just be my skin, because it only looks a little cakey on one side of my nose, but it’s still nothing a little powder can’t fix, if you’re like me and keeps a powder with a little bit of coverage in your purse for touchups.
Still, I feel like it is something to keep in mind, especially because of the claims on this foundation.

Now, with that said, this foundation, buildt up or not, does look like skin, and it feels very very lightweight, even after I get oily I still can’t feel the foundation on my skin, which is a good thing. And it does last on my skin all day, it only fades a little in my most oily areas, but it’s still there at the same time, if you know what I mean?
Other than that I do have to mention that the shades run a bit dark, at least the ones that I can get my hands on here, because I have the second or third lightest shade (one of them was straight up pink) and it is a little too dark for me, which is unusual. However, it is only available in 15 shades here (on Kicks), but it is available in 40 shades on the Lancome website, so that may have a lot to do with it.

So, over all I do like this foundation, and I will continue to use it, but I do believe that this would work better for those of you with combination or normal to dry skin, rather than those of you with oily skin. Because I do not think that this holds up to it’s claims, at least not on me. And a little bit of it does come off when I use a blottingpaper on it, so that’s something to think about with this as well.

I got mine from Kicks (Sweden) for 455sek.

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