Review | NEW TheBalm Highlite ‘N Con Tour Face Palette


This is what it says on theBalm’s website:
Introducing the Highlite ‘N Con Tour, a palette sensation coming to a city near you! With these 8 chart-topping contours and highlighters, you are sure to steal the spotlight. We’ve made a ‘concert’ed effort to ensure this palette contains everything you need to emphasize and define your finest features… so pick up this rockin’ headliner and watch your complexion go platinum!


So theBalm just came out with this palette, and I do like those all-in-one palettes, so I figured I’d try it out.
Now, I was going to put up this review a lot sooner, but the first one I ordered got lost in the mail, so I had to wait for another one. But, better late than never, right?

Now, first of all I will say that it can be a little bit tricky to get your brush into the pans, because of the shape of the pans, especially if you’re using bigger brushes, but I still haven’t had any issues picking up only one shade, so the space between the pans are big enough, at least for the brushes that I use. I just think that it’s something that may be a drawback for some people.

Now, when it comes to these powders I do find that they’re all more on the subtle side, with the exeption of the blush, that can be very pigmented, so I would be a bit carefull with that.
But the contour shades, the bronzer and the highlighters does all look very subtle and natural on my skintone (they can be buildt up, of course, but right of the bat they’re very subtle), and I do really like that. (I’m a MAC NC15 most of the time, I’m a bit more tan now)
But that means that I’m not so sure that this would work that well for medium to deep skintones, which isn’t a good thing.
However, if you’re fair, light and maybe light/medium, and you like your makeup to be more natural than instagram, I do think that you could enjoy this palette.


Moving on to the highlighters/brightening powders I have to mention that the shade “64Hz” is very similar to the Mary-Lou Manizer, only a little more subtle, so I don’t think that this shade is unique to this palette.
However, that is the highlighter that lasts on my skin the longest, becuase the pink one does fade away throughout the day, while this one doesn’t. And I wish that they both would’ve lasted all day, but on the other hand I do find that the pink highlighter is the only powder that does fade away to almost nothing, so the rest of them to have a decent longevity to them.
Now, when it comes to the matte highlighters, I do think that these are good for brightening underneath the eyes, but I don’t use them to set my concealer. I use these on top of my setting powder on those days when I’m a bit extra tired, and my undereyes look a bit more grey than normal, and I do find that these, especially the peachy shade, does brighten and brings back a little color/life to my face, so I do think that they’re usable.
However, I do think that this palette would be a bit better if they switched out the matte highlighters for maybe a few different blush shades, or maybe even one more bronzer.
But that’s just my oppinion.

Other than that I find that these powders blend out very easily, and they’re not chalky or patchy on the skin, so I don’t really have anything bad to say about this, other than the fact that I don’t think that this is universal enough in terms of how deep the shades are.
But I don’t think that this palette is anything special, and most of us have powders like these in our collection already, so I don’t think that this is a palette we need.
However, like I mentioned earlier, I do think that this is a good palette for those of us who likes more natural looking makeup, or for beginners.

I got mine from LookFantastic for 290nok.

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