Review | NEW Revlon Photoready Insta-Blush


This is what it says on the Revlon Website:
Our sheer, blendable blush is mistake-proof. The luxurious, cream-to-powder formula creates a naturally flushed, beautiful kiss of color. Use on the apples of cheeks for the perfect finishing touch to a contoured or highlighted look— Anytime, Anywhere.
• Provides an instant kiss of color anytime, anywhere
• Sheer, blendable color
• Luxurious, cream-to-powder formula
• Mistake-proof, easy to use
• Cheeks appear naturally flushed and beautiful
• The perfect finishing touch to a highlighted or contoured look
• Available in 4 globally gorgeous shades


So, since we’re going in to spring and summer now, I tend to like my makeup a bit more natural and soft, so I do like cream blushes because I think they’re a bit easier to make natural-looking (for me, anyway), and when I found these from Revlon I figured I’d try them out, but sadly, I’m not really that impressed with these.

Now, when I first started to try out these blushes, I did apply the product to the back of my hand and then I picked it up with a brush before I applied it to my cheeks, and when I did that they worked nicely.
However, when I apply them straight to my cheeks they do remove the makeup I have underneath, and to me that’s a big disappointment because I do prefer to apply my cream blushes like that.
Now, I’m not saying that you can’t make these blushes look good, but in my oppinion they do require a bit more work, so that’s something to keep in mind with these.

Other than that I do find that these are very sheer, but they do give a beautiful, natural flush to the cheeks once you work with them, and they do also blend out nicely if you apply it from a brush, not directly from the tube, so they are, like I said, possible to work with.
And I do really like the shades, especially the berry shade, because it is quite unique to my collection.
But they do fade away quite a bit throughout the day, and I do also feel the need to set them with some sort of powder, or even a powder blush sometimes, so I don’t really think that I can recommend these. Maybe if you don’t mind working with them a little, or if you want them as a base for your powderblushes (I will still use them as a base), but I think that cream blushes should be quick and easy to apply, and these are not, at least for me. So I don’t really think that they’re something you should run out and buy.

I got mine from Eleven for 94nok a piece.

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