Favorites | Top 5 May 2017


So it’s time for a favorites post again, and this time I struggled a bit actually finding products I’ve been loving, because yes I’ve been using all of these products consistently throughout the month, but some of them I’ve been using because I love the color, not so much because I love the formula.
Anyway, I will have link to full reviews at the end of the post like usual.


My first favorite this month is the Loreal Botanics Rich Infusion Hair Masque.
I have the one for dry hair (even though my hair is normal), and this makes my hair so soft and smooth, and it also doesn’t get as ‘static’ when I use this which is great.
Now, the way I use this (and any other hairmask) is that I apply it to the lenghts of my hair after I washed it and then, after 3-5 minutes or so, I use a litte bit of shampoo in the roots of my hair while I rinse it out, this way my hair doesn’t get as heavy or oily (I have a lot of and quite long hair, so my hair will get quite ‘flat’ if I don’t wash/condition my hair like this), and since I do this 2-3 times a week, I have noticed that my hair stays softer for longer, so I’ve really been enjoying this mask (and technique).


My second favorite this month is the Nails Inc nail polish in the shade ‘King William Walk’.
Now, this is more of a color favorite, because I don’t really love the formula, because it does crack after a day or two, but I love this color so much, because it is the perfect, soft nude for my skintone and this is the only shade I’ve been wearing for the last two months, so I had to mention it.
However, I have this gel transformer set that allows me to mix this polish with a gel, so it actually lasts (and dries under a LED light) like a gel polish, which is great because then I don’t really have to worry about it for a couple of weeks, making it a lot easier for me because I don’t have to re-apply it 3 times a week.
But nonetheless I do really love this color.


Next I have the Maybelline Linerefine Expression Kajal in the shade ‘Brown’.
Now I’m not really one who uses liner on a daily basis, liquid or pencil, but this month I’ve been reaching for this one to darken up the outer part of my lash line for a little bit of definition and depth, and sometimes I’ve also smudged it across my whole lashline a couple of times and I do like it for that as well, depending on my mood of course, but it is easy to work with (it could be a little creamier) and it does last all day on my eyes, so I’ve been enjoying this a lot this month.


Next I have the Revlon Insta-Blush in the shade ‘Berry Kiss’.
Now, I just recently did a review on this, and I said in that review that I didn’t really like these because they require a little bit too much work for my liking and they do fade away quite a bit throughout the day, and I have better cream blushes in my collection, but I don’t have a shade like this which is why I’ve been reaching for it so much this month.
Now if any of you know of a cream blush with a berry tone to it, I’d love to know about it, but for now this is what I’ve got and I do like the shade.


And my last favorite this month is the bareMinerals BareSkin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer.
Now I got this free sample with one of my orders ones, and I didn’t really want to try it, but I finally did and I love this so much.
This is such a beautiful bronzer, it’s so lightweight, it looks very soft and natural, and it’s very easy to work with as well.
Now, I do always set it with some sort of powder (sometimes a powder bronzer) so it does last on my skin, so I don’t know how it would last completly on it’s own, but it’s so beautiful that I think it’s worth it either way.

So that’s it for my top 5 this month.
Let me know of some of your favorites in the comments below.

Revlon Insta-Blush:

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