Review | NEW Isadora B.B. Cream SPF 12


This is what it says on the Isadora website:
Makeup and skin care in one!
B.B. Cream is a multi benefit cream which primes, tints, moisturizes, conceals and protects the skin, in just one simple step. It’s a hybrid between make-up and skin care.
• Can be used as a primer under a normal foundation
• Moisturizing and caring
• Luminous & Sheer color
• Protecting with SPF 12
• For all skin types
• New airless pump tube

So, I’ve been looking for lighter makeup for this season, so when I came across this BB cream I figured I’d give it a go, and so far I do like it.
Now, when I think of a BB cream I think of a product that’ll even out my skintone, but nothing more, you know?
But with this I find that it covers a little bit more than that. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s more than a light coverage, but it’s still a little bit more than I expected.

Now, when it comes to this product I, first of all, have to mention that I don’t really like the smell of this.
It’s just a little bit too ‘off’ for me, if you know what I mean?
And it doesn’t really lingre throughout the day, but it does smell a bit strong when you’re applying it, so I would keep that in mind if you’re sensitive to smells.

Moving on to the lasting power on this I do find that it fades away quite a bit throughout the day, but it doesn’t fade away completly on my skin, so there is still a little bit of it left when I go to remove my makup at the end of the day, but I wouldn’t say that it’s a longwearing product.
I also find that it does get a bit shiny after a few hours, so I would recommend setting it with a powder if you get a bit oily.

Other than that I would say that it’s a little bit thick in consistency, but i does blend out vey nicely when I use my fingers to apply it, and it does look very natural on the skin, so I do like that a lot.
So overall I do think that this is a good BB cream, and I do think that alot of people would enjoy this, especially since it is very effortless to use.
But I don’t think that you’d enjoy it if you want something that’s long lasting, and that does a whole lot more than evening out your skintone, so it does really come down to what you’re looking for.

I got mine from Vita for 159nok.

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