Favorites | Top 5 June 2017


So, it’s time for my top 5 favorites post again, and as usual I will link to full reviews at the end of the post.


So, to start with I wanted to quickly mention the Rimmel Stay Matte powder.
Now, I do always keep this in my purse for touch-ups no matter what time of year it is, but I do reach for it alot more once the summer kicks in, and I do get quite a bit more oily. And this powder is just so easy because it does mattify my skin, it doesn’t look heavy and it’s super inexpencive, so in my oppinion everyone who needs any sort of mattifying should have this powder on hand.


Next up I have the Zoeva The Basic Moment Blush Palette.
This one is so beautiful in the summer, the shades are soft, yet the blush is a good ‘almost bright’ pop of color, and all you really need next to this is a bronzer (if you’d like) because to me the “bronzer” in this palette is more of a contour powder, but it’s still a very beautiful palette, it’s easy to use and you don’t really have to think about it, so I’ve been reaching a lot for this the last month.


Moving on I have the Pür Cosmetics Disappearing Act Concealer.
Now, I’ve had this big breakout right in between my eyes these past few weeks, and this is the only thing that’s covered it, so that’s why I’ve been loving this so much this month, because I don’t usualy reach for this kind of concealer because it is a little too heavy for me, but for breakouts and stuff it works wonders. Just don’t overapply it because it can look a bit heavy on the skin.


Next I have the Smashbox Color Correcting stick in the dark peach/orange shade.
Now, I believe I’ve mentioned this in a favorites post last year or something, and for good reason, because this is so so easy to use, it’s creamy, it doesn’t look heavy, it blends out beautifully and it corrects my dark circles.
The only thing is that I could’ve maybe gone a shade lighter, but for those days when I really need to cover my dark circles this is perfect for me.


And my last favorite for this month is the MAC huggable Lipcolour in the shade ‘Bare Hug’.
Now, when I first got this I didn’t really care for it at all, but now I like it a lot, so I have changed my oppinion quite a bit with this.
Now the reason I like it so much now is because it’s a very sheer formula, and it’s almost like a lipgloss in a lipstick form, but it’s not really sticky, and I do tend to prefer lighter, glossier lips in the summer rather than bold, matte colors, so this has been my lipstick of choice this month.

So, that’s it for my favorites this month. Please let me now some of your favorites in the comments below.

Zoeva Blush Palette:
Mac Huggable Lipcolour:

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