Review | Morphe 9a&9b Eyeshadow Palettes


This is what it says on the Morphe website:

These nine golden shades are sure to take you places, faux real. Crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable eyeshadows perfect for some fun in the sun or some fake-it-til-you-make-it action. Choose your own color adventure. But one thing’s for sure; you’ll never run out of ways to turns heads.
(I can’t seem to find the 9b palette on the website, but, from what I’ve found on the other 9 shadow palettes, they all have the same claims.)

(9A swatches)

9a swatches

(9B swatches)

9b swatches

So, I’ve never tried Morphe shadows before, but since they’re all over social media, I figured I’d get a few palettes so I could give them a go.
But, to be completly honest I’ve gotta say that I’m quite underwhelmed with these shadows.
Especially the shimmer shades, ’cause they look very greasy on me after a few hours of weartime, and I’ve never had that happen to me with any other shimmer shadow I’ve used in the past.
So I find that very disappointing, especially since these shades are very beautiful, and wearable.
Now, I can’t speak for the single shadows, or any of the other palettes, but I assume that they use the same formula on those as well as these.
Of course, you could possibly use some sort of setting spray to wet your brush before applying the shimmer shades, but I, personally, feel like they should work alot better on their own.

Now, when it comes to the matte shades, on the other hand, I do like them alot better.
They blend so easily, and they’re very easy to build and work with, and I prefer shadows you can build up, not the ones that are very pigmented straight away. So I do think that they’re worth it, but I’ll stay away from the shimmer shadows, unfortunatly.

Now, when it comes to the highly-pigmented claim, I’m not so sure I completly agree.
Like I mentioned, the matte shades are very easy to build, but none of these shadows come across to me as highly-pigmented straight away.
But if you, like me, like to build up the color you’re working with, I don’t think that that’ll be an issue.

So, overall I’d recommend the matte Morphe shadows. But I can’t say that I’d recommend the shimmer/metallic ones.

The 9a palette is available at for 12$
The 9b palette is available at for 15.80$

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